Friday, 11 December 2009

You see me, you see me not

Oh dear lord, please tell me these 'The invisible shoe' by Andreia Chave will go into production and will eventually be mine! Just as I thought shoes couldn't possibly get any better, this is what I find...speechless.

Andreia Chaves is a Brazilian footwear/graphic designer, which probably best explains her visually overloading shoe designs. To sum up her designs, she says, 'If you grew up in a chaotic metropole like Sao Paulo, being in diary contact with different realities and exposed to thousands of visual inputs all the time, you can understand the why of my research of textures, particular forms, and visual effect, as the use of unusual materials.' Well, since I've never lived in Brazil, I guess I'll never understand...but who gives a fuck, surely knowing that I want them is enough of an understanding.

Her final collection will be presented in February 2010, I can't wait to see what wierd wonders she comes up with!

Images via Yatzer

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  1. jst awesome..& it will rewrite the Cinderella story~~