Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Humanoid Woman

I'm not sure if any of you will have seen or heard of the film Humanoid Woman, it's possibly the worst and best movie of all time at the same time (believe me, it's possible), it's basically a Russian film about this woman created in space that tries to live on earth, but you really need to watch it to realise the brilliance of the film, the dubbing is awesome. Anyways, the point of this post is not about the film (even though I seriously think you should watch it), it's about the Dutch brand Humanoid. I wouldn't say the brand itself is amazing but they do make nice simple pieces perfect for layering, especially at a time like this, when layers after layers just aren't enough. There's a lot of grey which is probably another reason why I'm mildly in love...grey is no doubt the best colour (I know a lot of you won't agree that grey is a colour, but it is, to me anyway).

Images via Humanoid

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