Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Look of the day: My baby Leelu

Leelu is the name of the most beautiful cat in the world, and obviously the love of my life. The oversized t-shirt worn in this post was a pressie from the bf (thank you!), he ordered the tee from American Apparel and got it sent to nonstopspray07 on Etsy, who in turn did the most beautiful artwork of my dear Leelu. He really captured every single detail of her perfectly, the eyes, her fur, the colour...etcetc, it almost looks like a photo from afar and truely is a work of art! So if any of you out there want/need some artwork of your beloved pet or even wildlife done, he's the one! He's got some pre-made stuff in his etsy store that are also fantastic and custom orders take around a month.

Wearing Nonstopspray07 airbrushed Leelu tee, Dimepiece L.A. leggings, Topshop Boutique heels, Freitag recycled bag

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Shut up and wrap me in a bundle of cloth precisely what Yoshikazu Yamagata did to his models for the writtenafterwards ss10 collection. I wasn't particularly impressed with what Japan Fashion Week had to offer this coming season, however I am impressed by the presentation of the writtenafterwards show. Fashion-wise, to be completely honest, I reckon a tramp might have been able to carry out something similar if given a clean piece of fabric, but I found the whole concept of the show quite comical and I always love it when designers incorporate old people into their shows, it's kind of a relief after seeing tonnes of fit birds for the past couple of months or so. Actually, I was being a little harsh just now, it's not all that bad I suppose, it's just not great, I actually can't imagine how heavy the dresses must have been, with all that fabric twisted and turned and wrapped and tied (I could go on forever, but you get the gist) toga stylee. In a way, I could imagine this being quite nice for an editorial, it's all very soft and fluffy and heavenly.

So a little intro for Mr. Yamagata. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design majoring in womenswear in 2005 and worked as an assistant designer for John Galliano, he returned to Japan and started his own label. I was just checking out his website and it's strange how all his previous collections seem to be so wearable and he's kind of gone a bit crazy on this one. He's got quite an interesting little website which I think is worth a look at, including some masks he made for Hedi Slimane and these cute puppet thingys. Go check it out!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Flying like a bird...Skyward

Feeling a lot better today, slept until 5pm (lazy bitch).

Yeah, so referring to yesterday's 'Look of the day' post, I said I was gonna be talking a bit more about the SWD Skyward oversized t-shirt. I don't really know how long this brand has been around for but it's only recently that I've been acquainted with it and although I've been trying to control myself from buying stuff that's too avant-garde, given the very decent price tag, I really think SWD is worth the cash, so it's ok even if it's not going to last a long time, it's like cheap Bernhard Willhelm, which can only be a good thing. I really don't know much about the brand, all I know is that it's Swedish and the designer is called Annika Berger (sorry, my cat might have been able to write a better biography), the brand generally consists of oversized stuff with graphic prints and minor detailing. Since I'm being quite pathetic at this, I'm gonna cut the crap and go straight to the pictures (that's always the best bit!). The styling, graphics and photography were actually pretty amazing for her ss09 collection!

Back in August, Annika Berger also collaborated with fashion designer Titti Andersson, accessory designer Hanna Af Ekström and SEEK photographer duo to curate a yearly fashion event for the Swedish Design Museum. The theme for the show was an interpretation and homage to the soul of the city of Göteborg. The group presented six outfits that represent the ambiance of the Swedish west coast, the performance was accompanied by Burning Airlines/Simon Ohlsson (Silverbullit) and Petra Hallberg who wrote a customised soundtrack that was performed at the event. I thought it was quite impressive.

You can find her stuff online on Doshaburi or alternatively, if you live in HK, you can get it at KNIQ.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Look of the day: The oversized top

Just came back from Kid Koala Live in HK, God he's awesome! Was feeling brave with the pink lippy today! As you can see I've super over-exposed the pics, the reason being, I had one, note ONE! alchoholic drink and I turned out bright red, I hate it when that happens, Chinese genes! Anyway, I will be writing slightly more about the top in another post (can't be bothered right now, still feeling a little tipsy!), I think it's worth mentioning! Good night.

Wearing SWD Skyward oversized t-shirt, Primark lime leggings, Nike trainers, Christopher Kane x Topshop tote

Friday, 23 October 2009

The bladerunner has landed

Dean Quinn, the name sounds like it ought to be someone out of a cowboy movie. Freshly graduated from CSM and showed in Vauxhall Fashion Scout, this dude is yet another one to watch out for. This 23 year old Irish babe describes his style as tailored, embellished and robotic, and we can definately be having more of that! His graduate collection was inspired by the Ridley Scott movie Bladerunner and there's defo a lot of Rachael flavour seeping through the collection. 'Tailored, embellished and robotic'...absolutely spot on, I'm loving every little bit of it! Classic black and white colours used here but there's just something so different about everything else, and you don't see that until you look close-up. Apparently the flawless bugle beads detailing came from a beautiful bout of accident of lining the beads up in a straight line (why don't I ever have accidents like this?) and that somewhat architectural silhouette, both futuristic and wearable. Part handsewn, part machine, this collection is truely a work of art. His next collection will be shown at London Fashion Week and I am expecting no less. I'm so in love!

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to wait till A/W10 before we can start wearing Dean Quinn's magic, damn, that's just too long!

(images from
dazed digital)

Look of the day: Pyschedelic Balloon

Wearing Comme des Garcon deconstructed football jacket, leotard, zara mini skirt, H&M leggings, Nicholas Kirkwood booties

PS. Sorry, was feeling rather ugly today so decided to cut the head off!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Unleash your inner child!

Time to brighten up the blog! Been a while since I've been so impressed with a vibrant, playful collection like Yang Du's! This Chinese gem is yet another CSM graduate, she finished her BA in 2006 and continued on to the MA course until 2008. Her muse is Bjork, quite obviously. I usually overlook collections like this because although there's the WOW! factor, I can never picture myself wearing it, unless I was going to some fancy dress party, which rarely (or to be precise, never) happens. However, her aw09 collection Buda and Pest really caught my attention, swarming with giant fruit and animals, has taken knitwear to another level, and although these pieces may never make their way into my wardrobe, they are pure eye candy. On second thoughts, there's always room for a loud oversized jumper to go over the leggings.

Yang Du aw09 collection - Buda and Pest

There was certainly nothing less crazy with her aw08 collection - 'Falling in love is a risk', which was composed mainly of bright coloured faux fur and knitwear. Simple silhouettes remain, including an array of cape-like jumpers and shift dresses with stuffed bottoms, nevertheless, it was the concept that was outstanding. This probably would have been my favourite label as a child, the cactus outfit is sooo cute!

Yang Du aw08 collection 'Falling in love is a risk'

Yang Du's BA gradute collection was called 'It is a dream in colours' and indeed it is, albeit a wierd dream, perhaps even under the influence of magic shrooms! It's a great thing that Du says she's happy when people tell her her collections make them laugh, because I'm laughing! It's insane, wonderfully insane! There was no doubt she was gonna be the next big thing.

Yang Du aw06 collection - It is a dream in colours

Keep your eye on this doll!

Some missed out bits and bobs

Sorry, was kind of a bit overwhelmed by the whole ss10 fashion week thing and kind of stopped quite bluntly, there are however still a number of people out there still worth mentioning, Lanvin, for instance, obviously still very 'Lanvin', which is always a good thing, thanks to the cutest Alber Elbaz. Probably one of the most elegant collections this season in my opinion (I can't wait to get rich and dress top to toe in Lanvin, ot theres always sample sales I guess). Some gorgeous drapery, rufflage and embroidery (or bead setting, technically, fantastic craftsmanship in the first outfit below). Check it.

Lanvin SS10 collection (

There's also the very reliable (to me anyway) Rei Kawakubo whos collection I adore (again), it kind of reminds me of her ss09 collection in the way that some of the pieces are constructed, like the patchwork thing, and I am all over that japanesey print, I remember buying origami paper like that when I was young! That armoury shoulder pad thing is also a must-buy, I can just imagine wearing it almost over anything. The half sheer extra long trench is one of a kind, I need to get my hands on it! Comme des Garcons rocks.

Comme des Garcons SS10 (

Then there's good ole' Issey Miyake whos collection, prints-wise is to die for, quite ethnic. Nothing major going on with the silhouettes or anything, a pretty safe collection I'd say. Oh, and the tights and socks, AMAZING!

Issey Miyake ss10 (