Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Some missed out bits and bobs

Sorry, was kind of a bit overwhelmed by the whole ss10 fashion week thing and kind of stopped quite bluntly, there are however still a number of people out there still worth mentioning, Lanvin, for instance, obviously still very 'Lanvin', which is always a good thing, thanks to the cutest Alber Elbaz. Probably one of the most elegant collections this season in my opinion (I can't wait to get rich and dress top to toe in Lanvin, ot theres always sample sales I guess). Some gorgeous drapery, rufflage and embroidery (or bead setting, technically, fantastic craftsmanship in the first outfit below). Check it.

Lanvin SS10 collection (style.com)

There's also the very reliable (to me anyway) Rei Kawakubo whos collection I adore (again), it kind of reminds me of her ss09 collection in the way that some of the pieces are constructed, like the patchwork thing, and I am all over that japanesey print, I remember buying origami paper like that when I was young! That armoury shoulder pad thing is also a must-buy, I can just imagine wearing it almost over anything. The half sheer extra long trench is one of a kind, I need to get my hands on it! Comme des Garcons rocks.

Comme des Garcons SS10 (style.com)

Then there's good ole' Issey Miyake whos collection, prints-wise is to die for, quite ethnic. Nothing major going on with the silhouettes or anything, a pretty safe collection I'd say. Oh, and the tights and socks, AMAZING!

Issey Miyake ss10 (style.com)

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