Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Look of the day: My baby Leelu

Leelu is the name of the most beautiful cat in the world, and obviously the love of my life. The oversized t-shirt worn in this post was a pressie from the bf (thank you!), he ordered the tee from American Apparel and got it sent to nonstopspray07 on Etsy, who in turn did the most beautiful artwork of my dear Leelu. He really captured every single detail of her perfectly, the eyes, her fur, the colour...etcetc, it almost looks like a photo from afar and truely is a work of art! So if any of you out there want/need some artwork of your beloved pet or even wildlife done, he's the one! He's got some pre-made stuff in his etsy store that are also fantastic and custom orders take around a month.

Wearing Nonstopspray07 airbrushed Leelu tee, Dimepiece L.A. leggings, Topshop Boutique heels, Freitag recycled bag

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