Monday, 26 October 2009

Flying like a bird...Skyward

Feeling a lot better today, slept until 5pm (lazy bitch).

Yeah, so referring to yesterday's 'Look of the day' post, I said I was gonna be talking a bit more about the SWD Skyward oversized t-shirt. I don't really know how long this brand has been around for but it's only recently that I've been acquainted with it and although I've been trying to control myself from buying stuff that's too avant-garde, given the very decent price tag, I really think SWD is worth the cash, so it's ok even if it's not going to last a long time, it's like cheap Bernhard Willhelm, which can only be a good thing. I really don't know much about the brand, all I know is that it's Swedish and the designer is called Annika Berger (sorry, my cat might have been able to write a better biography), the brand generally consists of oversized stuff with graphic prints and minor detailing. Since I'm being quite pathetic at this, I'm gonna cut the crap and go straight to the pictures (that's always the best bit!). The styling, graphics and photography were actually pretty amazing for her ss09 collection!

Back in August, Annika Berger also collaborated with fashion designer Titti Andersson, accessory designer Hanna Af Ekström and SEEK photographer duo to curate a yearly fashion event for the Swedish Design Museum. The theme for the show was an interpretation and homage to the soul of the city of Göteborg. The group presented six outfits that represent the ambiance of the Swedish west coast, the performance was accompanied by Burning Airlines/Simon Ohlsson (Silverbullit) and Petra Hallberg who wrote a customised soundtrack that was performed at the event. I thought it was quite impressive.

You can find her stuff online on Doshaburi or alternatively, if you live in HK, you can get it at KNIQ.

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