Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Luxury + Rarity = LUXIRARE

Luxirare is no doubt my favourite blogger I have come across in my couple years of blog reading experience, of course, there is Jak and Jil Blog, Stylebubble, Fashion Toast, The Satorialist, Karla's Closet and Bryanboy...that are also up there in the list, but Luxirare is really something else. She claims to write about 'Killers clothes and Fine Cuisine' and that is precisely what her blog is all about.

All I really know about Luxirare is that she's an asian blogger called Ji and apparently lives in Zimbabwe, she really is quite mysterious and not much is known about her. That really doesn't bother me personally, I'm just pure glad that she exists and is kind enough to share her ideas with the world. Also, I'm thinking the mysterious factor might make the whole thing even better! (It's like how everyone was dying to see what Margiela looked like). There is an interview with her
here if you are interested in knowing a little more about this little gem of a blogger.

Luxirare displays wonderful photography, styling, creativity and taste and is simply a pleasure to look at. You really need to look at the blog to get a feel of it, the cuisine section is amazing and has step-by-step instructions to follow, I haven't actually tried to follow any of them cos I know mine just won't turn out as great!

You have to see the production of this parfait, unbelievable!

The most beautiful bento in the world.

Can you believe this is actually a cake?

Avocado crab salad - Taste wise, I am the most interested in making this, looks absolutely delicious!

My only question now is: how do I go about buying these amazing Luxirare products?

Go now, go now, go check it out!

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