Thursday, 30 July 2009

The gorgeous Acne Paper

Not that this is news, but I have only recently been acquainted with and fallen in love with this little gem of a magazine.

Acne Paper is an A3 sized magazine/paper published twice a year by ACNE and is a collaboration between Acne Jeans, Acne Film, Acne Digital and Acne Creative.

I could just spend hours looking at each of their timeless shots! I'll let these stunning photies speak for themselves...

spring 09 - 8th issue

spring 09 - 8th issue

spring 06 - 2nd issue

spring 08 - 6th issue

spring 07 - 4th issue

autumn 05 - 1st issue

spring 07 - 4th issue

autumn 08 - 7th issue

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My idea of Beauty

name: mariacarla boscono
nationality: italian
birthplace: rome, italy
eyes: hazel
hair: brown
height: 177cm
signature: her walk

"Every guy called me Olive Oyl. I hated it so much. I never saw myself that way, I never thought I could have this power to be this beauty."

Monday, 13 July 2009

Male Crushes

Adrian Brody - great actor, pure sexiness

Marlon Teixeira - yummy Brazilians

Do I even need to tell anybody how gorgeous Orlando is?

Jake Gyllenhaal - Probably the best smile in the world