Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Unleash your inner child!

Time to brighten up the blog! Been a while since I've been so impressed with a vibrant, playful collection like Yang Du's! This Chinese gem is yet another CSM graduate, she finished her BA in 2006 and continued on to the MA course until 2008. Her muse is Bjork, quite obviously. I usually overlook collections like this because although there's the WOW! factor, I can never picture myself wearing it, unless I was going to some fancy dress party, which rarely (or to be precise, never) happens. However, her aw09 collection Buda and Pest really caught my attention, swarming with giant fruit and animals, has taken knitwear to another level, and although these pieces may never make their way into my wardrobe, they are pure eye candy. On second thoughts, there's always room for a loud oversized jumper to go over the leggings.

Yang Du aw09 collection - Buda and Pest

There was certainly nothing less crazy with her aw08 collection - 'Falling in love is a risk', which was composed mainly of bright coloured faux fur and knitwear. Simple silhouettes remain, including an array of cape-like jumpers and shift dresses with stuffed bottoms, nevertheless, it was the concept that was outstanding. This probably would have been my favourite label as a child, the cactus outfit is sooo cute!

Yang Du aw08 collection 'Falling in love is a risk'

Yang Du's BA gradute collection was called 'It is a dream in colours' and indeed it is, albeit a wierd dream, perhaps even under the influence of magic shrooms! It's a great thing that Du says she's happy when people tell her her collections make them laugh, because I'm laughing! It's insane, wonderfully insane! There was no doubt she was gonna be the next big thing.

Yang Du aw06 collection - It is a dream in colours

Keep your eye on this doll!

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