Friday, 23 October 2009

The bladerunner has landed

Dean Quinn, the name sounds like it ought to be someone out of a cowboy movie. Freshly graduated from CSM and showed in Vauxhall Fashion Scout, this dude is yet another one to watch out for. This 23 year old Irish babe describes his style as tailored, embellished and robotic, and we can definately be having more of that! His graduate collection was inspired by the Ridley Scott movie Bladerunner and there's defo a lot of Rachael flavour seeping through the collection. 'Tailored, embellished and robotic'...absolutely spot on, I'm loving every little bit of it! Classic black and white colours used here but there's just something so different about everything else, and you don't see that until you look close-up. Apparently the flawless bugle beads detailing came from a beautiful bout of accident of lining the beads up in a straight line (why don't I ever have accidents like this?) and that somewhat architectural silhouette, both futuristic and wearable. Part handsewn, part machine, this collection is truely a work of art. His next collection will be shown at London Fashion Week and I am expecting no less. I'm so in love!

Unfortunately, we're gonna have to wait till A/W10 before we can start wearing Dean Quinn's magic, damn, that's just too long!

(images from
dazed digital)

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