Monday, 7 December 2009

God damn it Goldin

Nooooo......not another collaboration, just as I was planning on a new year's resolution of saving up next year, Louise Goldin had to go and do another collab with Topshop, didn't she? Her clothing line is already available on the Topshop website, though I'm not crazy about it, it's no where near as good as her own collection. The shoes though, which are not yet released and so far have no release date (most likely spring 10), are ridiculously amazing, I repeat, ridiculously AMAZING! They are quite literally killer heels, I'm pretty sure if someone pissed me off enough for me to take my shoe off to throw at them, they would result in some serious injury. I'm seriously hoping I get my hand on these. Enough talk, check these out.

They come in three shades: black, white and silver. Bonus: seriously spikey.

Are you in love? I am.

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