Monday, 7 December 2009

Par Avion

I was one of those geeks in school that was into collecting stamps, I still do, although I've calmed down a bit, I tend to only collect ones that I really really love, or limited edition ones I see when I'm on holiday (I still believe I'll be able to sell my stamp collection off for an extortionate amount of money when I'm like 50), such as the ones Alber Elbaz designed for French Postal Service, La Poste, to celebrate Lanvin's 12oth anniversary, there'll also be stationary and 3 limited edition ceramic hearts to send to your loved ones (I hope my brother in Paris is reading this, because I'll be expecting mail from you, no pressure). They'll be available from February 2010, all you fashion/stamp collecting geeks out there, this must be heaven!

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