Saturday, 5 December 2009

A combination Perfecto

I'm sure you've all seen the the Christopher Kane for Versus capsule accessories collection, which was kind of so so for's kind of something my mum would really like. But I am absolutely digging the ss10 collection he did for Versus. Versus has long been off my 'to buy' list, but a glimpse of the collection has put it straight back on, and it's pretty high up too. The collection has precisely combined Versus's signature sexiness (before it became tacky) with Kane's young elegance. It's very classic yet very current (if you know what I mean). He stuck to black, beige and red throughout the collection which consisted of 20 odd mini dresses (his dresses always manage to be at the perfect lenght), simple clean silhouettes with details such as cut outs at the chest and waist, pleats, knots and the classic safety pin detailing reminiscent of the Versace dress Liz Hurley wore back in the day. A pretty good come back I must say.

Cannot wait to get my hands on this. Christopher Kane somehow has the power to make anything he touches instantly cool. Donatella did the right thing, for once.

Versus for Versace by Christopher Kane ss10

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