Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Simplistic Coolness

I am starting to get embarrassed by the amount of time I spend on etsy, it's kind of sad, cos it just goes to show how much time I spend on the internet day-dreaming about what I'm going to buy next, I'm starting to consider therapy. Nevertheless, this seller I've recently discovered is too awesome for me not to share with the world, and it would be too selfish if I didn't do so. The etsy shop is called Arosha Twists, I would imagine the items are made by softening some plastic under mild heat and carefully molding it into shape, sounds easy doesn't it? You don't really need to go through the trouble of doing it yourself though, items are reasonably priced between $20-50, and I think Arosha deserves that for discovering something that is so simply cool.


  1. its beautiful,
    I will love it so much if they could make it as a tablelamp~

  2. Yeah, it would be a great idea for furniture!