Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Christmas pressies

Whoopee! The cold has finally arrived and although I'm a pussy for coldness, I'm loving freezing my arse off and the best part of it is that I can wear at least 6 items from my wardrobe at the same time!! Well, by cold, I mean about 11 degees celcius, but that's cold enough for me, I just hope it lasts more than a week with this schizophrenic weather! And the sudden fall in temperature has got me getting all excited about Christmas (warm weather and Christmas just don't seem right together), and the thought of Christmas has in turn got me all excited about a big fat Christmas roast and loads of pressies! Since I'm feeling all festive-y, I thought I'd write a post about what goodies you could get for your mates (hint hint) or yourself as a treat even! I think etsy is a pretty decent place to get presents, a) cos there's a huge variety of stuff to get, b) cos it can be really cheap and c) it's not stuff you'll find everywhere.

Bird in Motion Vinyl Wall Art

As much as I'd love to put more stuff up, this has taken me bloody ages, it's really easy to search for stuff on Etsy though, the easiest way is to find something you like, click on the seller or shop and find their favourites. Have fun shopping!


  1. This website is truly boss!

  2. You're just saying it cos you fancy me, wahaha!