Sunday, 8 November 2009

Break a leg

If breaking my legs meant being able to wear shoes like this, go ahead and break them, PLEASE! Gwendolyn Huskens graduated from the Eindhoven design academy in 2008, her final collection inspired by the medical world opened my eyes, I don't know, I just never imagined that twisting your ankle, breaking your leg, etc etc, to be a cool thing, I was always pissed off whenever I had to wear a bandage and the only reason I ever thought a cast was cool was cos my mates could write and draw stupid things all over it, just never pictured it as an accessory. She used medical materials like synthetic plaster, bandages and stainless steel in white and skin tones, to make these shoes. Now that I've seen Husken's collections though, it all makes sense, I need these shoes in my life (those bandaid wedges would do me just fine)!


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