Monday, 30 November 2009

Painfully Cool


For some reason, I have been wierdly attracted to stuff that is accident/pain/medical related recently, don't get me wrong, I'm not a sadist, but with people like London College of Fashion's Una Burke around, I'm starting to think that hurting myself might not be such a bad thing...only messing, but seriously, all these medical/trauma inspired fashion/art pieces are just too cool. It's slightly freaky, and kind of reminds me of Mason Verger in Hannibal, but in a nicer way. Una Burke's 'Re.treat' collection was based on the universal subject of human trauma, a number of pieces are reminiscent of medical braces used to heal broken bones and spinal injuries; signifying the potential for healing. There is a feeling of emptiness when the leather structures are removed from the model, almost as if something is missing and they belong on the body. I wouldn't say Burke's collection is practical as fashion really, but they are wonderful art pieces that definately deserve a mentioning, I'm really looking forward to what she'll be up to next!

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