Thursday, 19 November 2009

Meow Meow

I have forgotten to tell everyone just how much I love the Miu Miu ss10 collection, I saved these pictures on my computer during fashion week and have been procrastinating until now.

The collection was basically divided into 2 parts; the first half being youthful and clean cut with simple slihouettes, the trousers were unusually low waisted compared to a lot of the other brands this season, I guess Miuccia isn't one for conforming to the norm then. However, it is the shirts in this collection that I have my eyes on, they would be fantastic layering pieces, I'm not sure if that belt thingy is part of the shirt or separate, but it looks pretty awesome together. I guess the youthfulness comes from the cat, dog, daisy and bird prints, white on navy, you can't really go wrong there can you? White and navy used to be my favourite colours as a child, for some reason, I had some wierd obsession with dressing like a sailor, perhaps I still do.
P.s. The shoes as usual are fantastic, the daisy prints are really Japanesey.

The second part of the show consisted of more sophisticated pieces such as this crystal embroidered mesh dress below, the collar on top takes away the seriousness of the dress meaning it could be worn day or night. The length of the dresses/skirts are just right, long enough to be elegant, yet short enough for people like me to not look like a midget. Seriously, over the knee does NOT work for me.

This red shirt below is probably my favourite item in the show, it's kind of combined all of the above, cute prints, sequins and cutouts, with added colour. I don't particularly like it with the black trousers though, I think it'd look better with a more flowy skirt like the one next to it, or perhaps something with more volume. Other than that, it's all good. I also really like the hair in the show, I wonder how long it'll take me to grow my hair out?

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Now, the only problem is, where am I going to get the money?


  1. You will never grow your hair out , your hair looks well short again and it looks like a custard pie ha.

  2. I agree, but the thought was nice! haha