Thursday, 19 November 2009

Sack Summer off Joe

I've been meaning to write about the movie (500) days of Summer for ages, well, not so much the movie, althought it is very cute and enjoyable, it made me feel younger in a way, the way it kind of brought back memories of childhood crushes and the silly things you did for people you liked, all the day-dreaming and stuff, blah blah...anyway, back to my point, I've been wanting to write about Joseph Gordon-Levitt for a while now, dude, can you be anymore gorgeous? Theoretically, I don't think it's possible. Not only is he gorgeous facially (those dimples kill me), I even love the way he dresses in the film, I've always had a soft spot for geeks and as much as I love really fashionable guys, they're never really what I look for in a boyfriend, I feel a lot more comfortable around the boy next door, I guess I would never be able to handle it if my boyfriend took longer than me to leave the house. I also like it when they look like they haven't tried too hard. I think wat really did it for me with Levitt though is that sad puppy look he's got, it's just irresistable to me. I must stop now, it did take me about 2 months to get over him after watching the film, falling in love (it's wierd, I actually do fall in love) all over again for someone so reachable might not be such a good idea, afterall I am 27.

Here's a picture for you guys to drool over.



  1. oh my dear janjin, i told you ages ago he is the most gorgious guy I thought when i saw you on the summer but u didn't said....mmmmm...he is alright. so now tell me, who is the poineer??

  2. Zooey Deschanel~ i reminiscently dreamed my dream girl tho i was in tears for my boy adolescence...its an obbession...i still into tat puppy-love's feeling and dont wanna wake up to work, fo' sho!every single morning~~~ @~@

  3. Ok Ok, you're the pioneer, anything for Levitt! haha!

  4. Wah, Sam Sam, you are so romantic, haha!

  5. haha, no, tats "vely cheesy" tears of joy.
    hope god brought me back my Summer & 17 again~