Sunday, 1 November 2009

Look of the day: Marry me Nicholas Kirkwood

I've been kind of busy with stuff that I'm not gonna bore you with, so here's a couple of 'Look of the day' posts for now, sorry!

I bought these Kirkwood shoes a while ago but it's the first time I've worn them, yep, they were painful but it was worth every second, I kind of never wanted to wear them cos I didn't want to damage the sole, they look more like an art piece than a pair of shoes, but now that I've finally broken into them, I'll be wearing them loads more!! If there was a God of shoes, it would be Kirkwood, without a doubt. The Chanel bag was my mum's bag like 20 years ago and I kind of prefer vintage styles to the modern ones, this may be largely due to the tassel thingy, lovely! Given it's age, it's in superduper condition!

Wearing Viktor and Rolf x H&M suit, Ann-Sofie Back shoulder pad vest, Nicholas Kirkwood heels, vintage Chanel handbag

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