Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Undies Galore


I started having a secret mini obsession with lingerie since I saw the Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur campaign, she just made it look so effortlessly sexy! I guess that's just the Moss magic though, cause to be perfectly honest, there is a fine line between being sexy or tacky when it comes to lingerie, and I think Agent Provocateur might have just crossed that tacky line (all the stuff looks so good in their campaigns but I'm always disappointed when I see them in person). But since then, I've been a tiny weeny obsessed with lingerie, and with the likes of Kiki De Montparnasse, La Perla and Andres Sarda, it's difficult not to be! Theres also Strumpet and Pink with their super high-waisted novelty knickers that I absolutely adore! How cute! I love the perfectly executed details on every single pair! They kind of remind me of little cupcakes! High waisted pants rule. Whilst checking out Kingdom of style recently, I came across this lingerie brand called Lascivious which I haven't heard of previously, just absolutely love the way it's elegant, sexy and fun at the same time. I literally want everything, and I would say the price is fairly reasonable which makes it all the better. I would actually consider wearing a lot of them on the outside, just to let the world know how proud I am of my undies.

Pics from lascivious.co.uk

P.S. They sell online, bonus.

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