Friday, 5 February 2010


I've been meaning to write about Hotpot-ing for so long now and have finally gotten around to taking some pictures before stuffing my face with food! Hotpot is probably the most popular food/way of eating in Hong Kong during the winter,although it is available all year round, it's easy and its pretty fast with minor preparations. It basically involves making a soup of your choice, I generally go for something quite mild in flavour so I can taste the freshness of my other ingredients. The ingredients can vary, but almost everyone goes for marbled beef (fat beef), which is also my favourite, I usually also have live prawns, live clams, ink squid, chinese mushrooms, chinese watercress, turnip, and this other thing I don't know the name of in English, it's basically like fish ball with added stuff (chinese sausage, dried shrimp, spring onion and dried orange peel) in it. The final step is to prepare a sauce to dip your food into when its cooked, I basically use soy sauce, sesame oil, chilly, deep fried garlic and spring onion. Then all you have to do is cook the ingredients in the soup as you eat, pretty easy ey?

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