Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Another one 2 watch

'I would describe my style as being a contemporary reworking of couture techniques with modern materials and an individual approach to decoration and colour. I always aim to capture the attention to detail of couture within a simple, modern silhouette and add my signature embellishments with a variety of unexpected materials. I always look to inspiration that I love and believe in my work-I have to love it as it takes quite a long time to make!' - Holly Fulton

There really is no better way to put it than your own words.

What am I going to do with all these super talented graduates bombarding my brain with the message,' Buy me, buy me!'?? Getting older and all, I've been trying to save up for a house and all those other boring grown up things, and it literally is proving impossible with all these little geniuses out there! God help me. Holly Fulton is a 2007 MA graduate from the Royal College of Art and was awarded Young Designer of the Year at the Scottish Fashion Awards, no doubt she deserves it. According to Holly, jewellery is the central theme to her designs, which may explain her heavily decorated garments involving a lot of hardware (Her graduate collection is equally tasty). A lot of her designs are highly symmetrical which I find quite soothing to the eye (apparently we are genetically programmed to prefer symmetrical things as opposed to asymmetrical things). Her FW09 collection was inspired by Eduardo Paolozzi and might be a little 'out-there' for me to actually wear, but I am certainly enjoying just looking at and observing every little detail in each piece, purely for the 'wow' factor, I am also guessing that the garments will be quite heavy due to perspex, enamelled metal and crystal overload! Nevertheless, loving all the colours, nice clean cut simple silhouette and the robotic theme - art deco on crack - as Holly calls it!

Holly Fulton fw09 collection (photos courtesy of dazed digital)

Her SS10 collection though is definately a lot more wearable even though she kept her signature elements and techniques such as laser cutting, contemporary embellishment and statement jewellery. She's toned down on the colours and calmed down a bit with the excessive hardware (don't get me wrong, I love her accessories but it's nice to be able to separate them from the garment) and whilst retaining the robotic theme, added a tribal element (or perhaps architectural) on 60s cut minis which I find is très cute! (As much as I love the 80s, I am glad to say goodbye, for now.) And I might be contradicting myself a bit here, but I absolutely love that perspex covered short jacket towards the end of the show! I want!

I am pretty certain she will be the next big thing, so keep your eye on this one. It can only get better.

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