Saturday, 29 August 2009

Make me nude Comme

I am hoping that my obsession with the colour nude will die by making a post about it. Ever since falling in love with Margiela's nude bodysuit, I have never been able to walk past a piece of nude clothing without checking it out, or even worse, buying it. The truth is, I am getting tired of the second looks I get when walking the streets of Hong Kong in my nude leggings, get over it guys, if I wanted to walk around flashing my genatalia, I would, trust me, and I wouldn't be doing it so discreetly either. Anyways, here goes some of the nude stuff I have fallen in love with from Comme des Garçons's fall/winter 09 collection, Rei Kawakubo is a fucking genius, I never thought flesh-coloured layers of tulle could look so beautiful.

Now that did absolutely nothing for killing my obsession.

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